Palm Beach Post: Alimony changes get OK from Florida Senate

“The legislation (CS/SB 668) was approved 24-14 by the Senate. Ten women senators from both parties who voted on the bill were divided, with five in favor and five opposed. The bill is aimed at giving judges guidelines and a formula for determining the amount and duration of alimony, along with conditions when modifications can […]

SENATE BILL 668 PASSES on the Senate Floor

GOOD NEWS: Senate Bill 668 ( which includes alimony reform and children time sharing reform) passed on the Senate Floor today by a vote of 24-14. The Bill will now go to The Florida House. The house version of the bill, HB 455, is scheduled to be heard Monday on the House Floor. We expect […]


Greetings Family Law Reform Members: We need you to Contact Governor Rick Scott NOW: EMAIL: [email protected] TEL: 850-717-9337 WE HAVE CLEARED OUR LAST COMMITTEE! This past Tuesday we received a favorable vote from the Senate Appropriates Committee,where, as expected,our opposition was chomping at the bit to convince our Senators to vote it down. Our State […]


Senate Bill 668 ( which includes alimony reform and children time sharing reform) passed today favorably in the Appropriations committee. The Bill will go to the Senate Floor for a full vote in the near future. Senator Lee’s Amendment (which revised the time sharing language) was adopted. The language in the amended bill is expected […]

Senator Lee Files Amendment to Alimony Bill SB 668

AWESOME NEWS: Family Law Reform President Alan Frisher is proud to announce that Senator Lee has filed an amendment to the alimony Bill SB 668. This is what Family Law Reform had been working on and this now increases our chances tremendously of getting alimony reform passed this year. We will send out a Newsletter […]

Sun Sentinel – Permanent alimony may finally end in Florida

“The House is ready to vote on a bill that would replace permanent alimony with a mathematical formula to determine how much help should be given and for how long. It faces one last committee test before it goes to a full vote in the Senate.” “The bill likely has enough support to make it […]

Herald Tribune – Florida Senate OKs equal custody bill

  “A divided Florida Senate backed a child-sharing bill on Tuesday that would put Florida at the leading edge of efforts to give divorcing parents equal custody of children.” CLICK HERE to read entire article.

Newsletter – Child Sharing portion SB 668 may kill Alimony Bill this year

We need your help once again! Please write or call Senator Tom Lee at [email protected] Here’s why: Sen. Lee very strongly supports 50/50 child sharing, as long as it’s in the safest interest of the children. The Family Section of the Florida Bar supports the alimony reform portion of SB 668, but opposes the child […]

Sun Sentinel – Changes ahead in alimony and child custody

“Alimony reform recognizes that the Norman Rockwell model of marriage — the husband works while the wife stays home to raise the children — is not a model that applies to most modern marriages. Indeed, for many, many men and women it is not the model of choice.” “Look, heartaches and anger are going to […]


  “Big changes could be in store for couples who divorce under legislation now being considered by Florida lawmakers.” CLICK HERE to read entire Florida Politics article.