WSJ Opinion – The Global Flight From the Family

It’s not only in the West or prosperous nations—the decline in marriage and drop in birth rates is rampant, with potentially dire fallout. Click Here to Read More

Tribune Pinecrest – Infidelity and Divorce

Sometimes marriages fail due to the breach of trust caused by the infidelity of one party to the marriage. The resulting anger fueled by the infidelity oftentimes spills over into the divorce process. And this anger can lead to a messy divorce just because one party “wants to get back” at the other…. Click Here […]

Ten Rules to Live by for Divorcing Parents

Make the commitment to live by the idea that divorce doesn’t have to equal war. “There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War Your mental health and sense of hope about the future are worth more than any amount of money you can argue about. […]