Newsletter – Child Sharing portion SB 668 may kill Alimony Bill this year

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We need your help once again!

Please write or call Senator Tom Lee at [email protected]

Here’s why:

Sen. Lee very strongly supports 50/50 child sharing, as long as it’s in the safest interest of the children. The Family Section of the Florida Bar supports the alimony reform portion of SB 668, but opposes the child sharing language, even though it takes out the words 50/50 but introduces language that would have a similar effect.

PLEASE ASK Sen. Lee to agree to Sen. Stargel removing the child sharing portion from the alimony bill. And tell him that we will support him in 2017 to pass child sharing.

Sen. Lee is a powerful Senator, and is not likely to back down. We would hope he does not kill our chances for alimony reform this year, but who knows?

The Family Section of the Florida Bar has many legislators they support and can request to kill SB 668.

There are millions of dollars spent annually in Florida determining who gets the children and for how long. This is family money that could be used for the family, including the children. The tug-of-war children experience is emotionally unhealthy, so although we support child sharing, it should not derail alimony reform in 2016.

It’s crunch time!!

Whether we get alimony reform this year depends on YOU!

Here is a sample letter:
In the subject line: “In Support of SB 668”

Honorable Sen. Lee,

Please support SB 668. It will not pass with the child sharing language attached. Please do not throw out alimony reform for another year. We are your allies and will help with passage of child sharing in 2017, but ask in return to let alimony reform pass by removing the child sharing language in SB 668.

Thank you for your support of SB 668

Your name and address
Here’s Sen. Lee’s contact information again:
Sen. Tom Lee
[email protected]
Florida Senate Website – Sen. Lee

URGENT: Please forward this email to as many friends and family members as you can.
Your emails, letters and calls are crucial for meaningful alimony reform in 2016.


Lobbyists, websites, travel, and other overhead all cost money. The end of this years long fight is within grasp. Please do what you can to help us get to the finish line. Everything helps.

We all have an important part to play in fixing our woefully outdated family court laws in Florida. We are up against an incredibly well funded special interest group that wants to keep things exactly the way they are. We need everyone on board if we are going to finally win for Florida’s families in 2016!

Please help us to help you by contributing to support this important cause!

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