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Greetings Family Law Reform Members:

SB 668 was delivered today to Governor Scott by the Senate. The Governor now has 15 calendar days ( until end of April 19th ) to sign or veto the bill. The truth is SB 668 will REDUCE LITIGATION in divorces and reform Florida’s antiquated family laws.

State Senator Kelli Stargel (the Senate sponsor of the bill) personally met today with Governor Rick Scott and she stated that the Governor now has “all the information he needs” on her bill to overhaul the state’s alimony system. “Now we’re in a wait-and-see mode,” Stargel said. Governor Scott now has until April 19th to decide to sign or veto the Bill.


It is very IMPORTANT that you email and call the Governor each day until he makes a decision Click here
to email Governor Rick Scott and ASK HIM to SIGN SB 668 ( Use the following subject in your emails “SIGN SB 668”).  Call his office at 850-488-7146

Once again the Family Section of the Florida Bar is opposing our bill. The Family Section of the Florida Bar has hired expensive lobbyists and paid them over $100,000 to get Governor Scott to VETO our bill.  

We have to be louder and more persistent than ever!!

Don’t wait!  Contact the Governor now and continue to do this on a daily basis until our bill is signed into law.  We need to show Governor Scott just what a force we can be. 


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