SENATE BILL 668 PASSES on the Senate Floor

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GOOD NEWS: Senate Bill 668 ( which includes alimony reform and children time sharing reform) passed on the Senate Floor today by a vote of 24-14. The Bill will now go to The Florida House. The house version of the bill, HB 455, is scheduled to be heard Monday on the House Floor. We expect the Florida House to replace HB 455 with SB 668 and then vote on it. The vote will probably be on Monday but there’s no guarantee. Assuming The House passes SB 668 bill, it will then go to the Governor for signature.

Note: An Amendment was filed today by Senator Lee that will make the LAW CHANGES to TIME SHARING ONLY applicable to proceedings initialized after October 1, 2016. The actual language of the Amendment can be found in the following link. This is not legal advice and you should consult an attorney to see how this amendment will affect your case.…/B…/2016/0668/Amendment/224698/PDF

Here is the link to today’s session. The SB 668 discussion starts around minute 377:…

We NEED YOU to contact Governor Rick Scott and tell him to sign SB 668 when it gets to his desk.
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